ScaleUp 360° Automotive AI – Deep Driving & Level +5 Automation

Welcome to ScaleUp 360° Automotive AI – the digital event deep diving into Level +5 automation. 2 days of webinars and case studies by stakeholders involved in deep driving, imaging, computer vision, sensor fusion and perception in the Level +5 automation scene. Learn, engage and discuss automotive tech innovation in real-time with thought leaders across the globe – right from your desk.

Live webinars

Join us when automotive decision makers and leading technical professionals present their challenges, experiences and solutions in integrating latest technologies needed to deep dive into Level +5 automation.

Live Q&A’s

Bring in your knowledge – Interact with our speakers and other attendees during the webinars and discuss challenges and solutions in real-time.

Case studies

ScaleUp 360° Automotive AI provides exclusive insights of best-in-class projects by leading industry decision makers. Use our format to live-showcase innovative solutions, products and technologies – without leaving your desk!


Key topics of
ScaleUp 360° Automotive AI

Algorithms and data schemes

Deep neural networks / deep learning and neural networks: Challenges for decision making algorithms in heavy traffic, self-driving vehicles

Data processing and AI: Software architecture and hardware challenges

Path planning and object recognition with AI / future pathways, required research and the role of deep learning in the mix of computer vision approaches

Tools for enabling deep learning systems

Full stack software suites for AI in ADAS providing hardware agnostic, scalable solutions

Deep learning for human-centered semi-Autonomous Driving

Role of cognitive computing systems and deeper direct perception in Autonomous Driving/ in Level 4 and 5 cars

Artificial reality? Deep learning with synthetic data from driving simulations

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ScaleUp 360° is a unique digital event series in the business & technology world because of our relationship with our partners. Our aim is to support them to reach their targets and inspire innovation.

Position your business as a first mover and thought leader without having to pay for flights, hotels or other onsite costs like booths and personnel. Use our format to showcase your solutions in form of live-demos to potential customers in real time.

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