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Von Manufacturing bis zu IT & Software, von führenden Unternehmen bis zu den vielversprechendsten Start-Ups, von Competitive Intelligence und Market Research zu AI und Predictive Analytics. Wo auch immer Sie im Spektrum von Corporate Intelligence stehen, ScaleUp 360° Cimicon DACH bietet Ihnen relevante Inhalte, Einblicke in aktuelle Projekte und neue Technologien.

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Mehr als 250 der einflussreichsten Experten – Seien Sie dabei. Das gesamte Ökosystem auf einer Plattform – Hier eine Auswahl der Unternehmen, die bereits dabei sind.


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Mit mehr als 250 Teilnehmern aus führenden Unternehmen in der DACH Region ist dies das bedeutendste und am besten zugeschnittene Digitalevent für den Themenkomplex Corporate Intelligence.

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Ihr Brand auf unserer Website, in unseren E-Mail Kampagnen, Social Media Aktivitäten & Kanälen und während des gesamten Digitalevents. Präsentieren Sie Ihre Lösungen und führen Sie Produktdemos durch, um in Ihrer Zielgruppe die passenden Entscheider zielgerichtet zu erreichen. Profitieren Sie von unserer seit Jahren wachsenden Community und erreichen Sie über unsere Plattform Ihre zukünftigen Kunden!


Partnering bei der ScaleUp 360° Cimicon DACH beinhaltet, Sie mit den richtigen Entscheidern zusammen zu bringen maßgeschneidert zu Ihren Lösungen und Bedürfnissen. Unsere Business Plattform hat für Sie das Ziel, Ihre Leadpipeline zu optimieren, Ihr Netzwerk zu erweitern und Projekte zu ermöglichen.


Bringen Sie Ihr Produkt zu den richtigen Entscheidungsträgern 250+ erfahrene Experten & Top Executives aus KMU, Hidden Champions & Global Playern an 2 Tagen. Gewinnen Sie neue Kundenkontakte vor, während und nach dem Event.

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Unsere Business Partner Community

Part of the CNIM Group, Bertin IT is a provider of software solutions ensuring information systems security and the advanced processing of digital and voice data. With more than 15 years’ collaboration with the French Ministry of Defense on the compartmentalizing of classified information and Open Source Intelligence, Bertin IT offers a unique range of cyber security solutions and intelligence, from the defense-in-depth of sensitive information systems to the anticipation of threats and the detection of data leaks and fraudulent activity. Its cyber intelligence platforms are used by numerous government agencies and large companies. Through its cyber threat intelligence offering, Bertin IT is also a key player in digital intelligence and automatic speech processing technologies. The company’s AMI Enterprise Intelligence platform has more than 150 clients in the fields of Defense, Energy, Telecoms and Transport as well as in the Nuclear Industry. Through its leading multilingual speech transcription engine, MediaSpeech, Bertin IT is present in media monitoring, banking compliance and customer intelligence. Based in Montigny, near Paris, Bertin IT has 120 employees, nearly half of whom work in R&D, in France, the UK and Germany.

ABRAMS world trade wiki is the first to introduce a unique business intelligence portal where UN Comtrade macro economic data is connected to customs trade data. This powerful research and visualization tool not only offers the opportunity to quickly gain insight into emerging markets in global world trade, but also shows which companies have contributed to these market trends. ABRAMS world trade wiki is used by governments, policymakers, investors, entrepreneurs, researchers, logisticians and consultants as an important resource and instrument to generate knowledge out of big data.

“We turn information into actionable insights for daily decision making and strategic planning. We call it Informed Leadership.”M-Brain is a global information services company with offices in twelve countries. Our services are based on a unique combination of our own proprietary big data technology and human intelligence. We offer media, business, and market intelligence solutions, strategic analysis and advisory services, consultation services, as well as online intelligence tools and technology to bring true insight into our clients’ business environment. Our solutions and services are tailored to serve a variety of business needs regardless of function, industry type or language barriers.
  • Global data coverage: We currently monitor hundreds of millions (constantly growing) of online sources, over 2,000 print media sources and over 100 TV and Radio news broadcasts 24/7 to serve our clients anytime, anywhere
  • Strong technology: Our proprietary, patent-pending big data technology searches, selects and filters the relevant and only relevant content from all over the world for our clients
  • Human intellect: Our 450 analysts worldwide provide intelligence to our clients by providing them with insight based on information from over 70 languages

Managing with information has become critical in strategic planning and creating value for a company. For organizations striving to succeed in a world ruled by information, we provide technology solutions such as M-Adaptive and Intelligence Plaza, as well as consulting and monitoring services to help you improve performance. From social media monitoring to how you set up and run your internal market intelligence organization, there is an information solution just for you. To share global best practice M-Brain is organizing vendor-free conferences for intelligence professionals.

Digimind is a leading Competitive Intelligence software and social media monitoring tool, designed for brands who want to accelerate digital transformation through an insights-driven approach. It is recognized by market analysts Forrester and Gartner and is a number one customer-rated leader on G2 Crowd. The Digimind Intelligence platform allows private, public, and non-profit organizations to collect, analyze and disseminate relevant information to enlighten strategic decisions. Digimind Intelligence was designed with a user-friendly interface to enhance interaction and collaboration within organizations. With offices in New York, Paris, Singapore, and Rabat, Digimind serves more than 600 customers worldwide including Fedex, Sanofi, Rolex, and General Electric.

Market Logic helps the world‘s best brands to run insights-driven businesses. We do this with intelligence portals to equip stakeholders to self-serve intelligence, insights portals to find and promote knowledge, and market insights platforms to generate insights from data and inject these in business processes. Our software is used to drive customer centricity in CPG, healthcare, retail, finance & insurance, telecom, travel and media sectors, where our clients collaborate with 600+ research agencies online. We employ 300+ software developers, data scientists and marketing professionals at regional headquarters in Berlin, Chicago, Pune and Singapore.

EMBS Group is a global data-driven consultancy company, founded by professionals with extensive experience in consulting and research as an answer to an emerging market demand for tailored market intelligence services based on combining different sources of information and methodologies. We understand that every client and business challenge is unique.  We tailor the approach to deliver not only reliable data but, most of all, decision support insight. In order to achieve it we work closely with our Clients to understand in details their needs and the purpose for which intelligence project is being launched in the first place. Only having such knowledge, we are able to compose an appropriate methodological toolbox and deliver not just the results, but answers. As a result of this approach, we do not define ourselves as ‘market research company’ or ‘advisory firm’, we call our services data-driven consultancy. In our reports we make a clear distinction between hard data and the interpretation. Our consultants focus on the particular needs and make sure that our Clients get all of the information they require along with any recommendations about the best way forward. What we aim to deliver is clear market picture and actionable takeaways.

Media Partner

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