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Welcome to ScaleUp 360° Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Europe – The Digital Summit on the Development, Implementation & Deployment of Future Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. Over 2 days experience live webinars and case studies by leading technical ADAS R&D experts and discuss the latest technological advaces, use cases as well best practices for launching the next generation of ADAS functions and technologies. Learn, engage and discuss current and future tech innovations in real-time with automotive thought leaders from across the globe – right from your desk and at home!

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Join us along with automotive decision makers and leading technical ADAS professionals presenting their global driver assistance strategies, technical challenges, innovative solutions and best practices in developing, enabling as well as deploying future Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

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Experience thought-provoking case studies by industry leaders, share thoughts, focus on technology trends, share scientific and commercial products, PoCs, offerings in the advanced driving ecosystem for achieving high-level ADAS L2, L3, L4 & L5 focusing on the European market. Also discuss the presented topics with other attendees using our live chat tool. Interact with our speakers in real time during the Q&A sessions to get the most out of your digital event.

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Use our digital event platform to deliver live demos of your solutions to an audience of decision-makers with budget responsibility – right from your desk. Chat live with potential customers, gain invaluable industry feedback from the leading technical ADAS R&D experts and tailor your solutions even further to meet your client bases’ needs.

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ScaleUp 360° Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Europe

Processing & Sensing: How to implement and connect essential sensor types and ECUs to track (moving) objects in the vehicle’s surrounding, regardless of adverse weather conditions?

ADAS & Sensor Fusion: Which tools enable ADAS system performance optimization through fusing data from multiple sensors?

Control & Functions: How to develop independent, tailored control and functions for proof-of-concept and series production including functional safety, cybersecurity and V2X?

How to integrate enabling technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, VR and AR in ADAS applications?

How to integrate and train Deep Learning algorithms and Neural Networks on ADAS functions?

ADAS & Testing: How to implement reliability testing methodologies to reduce test efforts and optimize ADAS performance - from virtual to proving ground and real world?

Validation & Calibration: Which tools speed up validation and approval processes for ADAS functions in all possible conditions?

Simulation for ADAS Applications: How to implement efficient simulation and testing environments with a high level of accuracy and reliability to reach key development goals?

Vehicle Data Analytics: How to manage vehicle data collection and define KPIs to make sense of generated ADAS testing data?

ADAS & HMI: How to design systems and connect them with the human driver to enable joint communication and safe driving operations?

Connectivity: How do V2V/V2X connectivity and telematics impact the robustness of ADAS systems?

System Design: What are promising standard interfaces, open to third-party models and hardware?

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