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Welcome to ScaleUp 360° Intelligent Telematics – the digital event on the latest technical advances, tools and approaches in intelligent telematics for Autonomous, Connected, Electric, Shared vehicles. Experience 2 days of 12 virtual sessions and case studies by smart mobility & connectivity stakeholders involved in the latest advancements in the ACES ecosystem with connected vehicle technology experts and industry leaders in the automotive, public transport, logistics, IT, mobility and telecommunication fields. Learn, engage and discuss automotive tech innovation in real-time with thought leaders across the globe – right from your desk.

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Join us when smart mobility and connectivity decision makers and leading technical professionals present on the latest technical advances, tools and approaches in intelligent telematics for Autonomous, Connected, Electric, Shared vehicles.

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ScaleUp 360° Intelligent Telematics

Industry shifts – from traditional telematics to intelligent telematics. Looking beyond vehicle location and routing, to solutions focused on monitoring driver behavior, vehicle health and maintenance intervals to improve their respective safety.

Connectivity Services & the Internet of Things – new business opportunities within the digital future of mobility – micro mobility, robo-taxis, MaaS, shared autonomous services and shuttle service-mobility solutions

Exploring telematics big data for truck platooning opportunities & commercial fleet productivity, improved customer service, and improved risk management, driver behavior and safety, and control and improvement.

Leveraging smartphone trends and developments for the connected car – enabling telematics sensors and transmitters through mobile devices

Developing mobility services by using the most advanced communication technologies and establishing your company as an integral part of OEM connected car ecosystems

Explore how the latest telematics technology is changing Advanced Transportation Management Systems (ATMS) and ITS Intelligent Transport Systems

Enhanced Data Mobility & Seamless Services – managing data to optimize fleet & logistics solutions

Explore ITS applications, cellular-based solutions such as C-V2X and 5G, the future of ITS-G5 and more, and role of V2X adoption on a global level, and integrating telematics architectures

Enabling V2X capabilities in all future wireless devices from phones to cars to connected infrastructures.

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