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Join the ScaleUp 360° Microservices & Software Architectures Europe – the digital event for software engineering professionals in Europe. Experience a day of virtual sessions and knowledge exchange on Microservices & Software Architecture innovations by true industry thought leaders.

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ScaleUp 360° Microservices & Software Architectures Europe

Breaking down Monoliths: What are the challenges and pitfalls in decomposing monolithic applications?

Microservices Use Cases: How do Microservices reduce unnecessary complexity in modern software systems?

Testing Microservices: How to manage canary releases of Microservice applications?

Architecture Transformation Strategy: How to safely transform and run business-critical workflows without losing agility and speed?

Event-driven Architecture: How to use a distributed asynchronous architecture pattern to produce highly scalable applications?

Containerized Architecture: How to package software and its dependencies in isolated units that can run consistently in any environment?

Serverless & FaaS: Which tools enable greater scalability, flexibility and quicker time to release?

GitOps & Declarative Infrastructure: Which frameworks and tools enable the connection between DevOps practices like collaboration, CI/CD, version control and infrastructure automation and application deployment?

Zero Trust Architecture: How to foster the enforcement of security control application-to-service and service-to-service through service mesh?

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