How does Scale Up 360° work?

Experience the genuine Event Feeling – without leaving the office! Put yourself at the center of your industry ecosystem – learn, engage and discuss trends & innovation with thought leaders across the globe at our digital events. ScaleUp 360° is the knowledge exchange & content delivery platforms for cross-industry executives from all over the world.


Frequently asked Questions


You can register by clicking the „Register For Free“ button in the menu above. This only takes a few seconds. After you submitted your registration:

1. You will get an email and short phone text message from us – please confirm your registration here
2. Once confirmed, you will get a final email with your personal login details for our virtual event platform

No! Registration for this virtual event is free.


As soon as you received your login details, you can use these to log into our virtual event platform – even prior to the event to check agenda updates, scroll through our attendee list and schedule meetings with other attendees. At the actual event date, you can join the live sessions via the platform as well. The login will be active before, during and after the virtual event (approx. 3 months).

If you would like to watch our live presentations and case studies, just hit the „JOIN BROADCAST“ button when you are logged in. If you would like to join a virtual meeting instead, please click either on „ATTENDEES & MATCHMAKING“ to schedule meetings or check „MY MEETINGS“ to enter your previously scheduled virtual meetings.

Virtual events bring the experience of an in-person conference to your personal device, so just like an in-person conference, you have the freedom to pick the sessions you attend. But our experience over the years has shown that attending the virtual event in its entirety – the presentations, the Virtual World Cafés, the panel discussions and virtual One2One meetings – will help you to maket the most out of the experience.

Yes! Via the agenda tab, you can first check the available interactive sessions and second pick one to attend by clicking on the „JOIN WORKSHOP“ button below the session abstract.

Our virtual event platform will have a full attendee list published (name, title, company, photo, investment areas) that can be filtered by topic interest (ex: downstream, upstream, manufacturing) to create simple-yet-effective virtual networking opportunities. Attendees will be able to send private messages and virtual meeting requests to each other within our virtual networking platform.


When you first login to the virtual event platform you will be asked a series of questions to build your profile. The AI matchmaking machine then provides you with a list of “matched attendees” which you are able to easily arrange a meeting at a time convenient for both of you. Once a meeting has been created, you can easily start a video call for a virtual meeting and present your screen in front of your meeting partner.


All speaker presentations will be accessible from your computer or mobile device with a mix of live and pre-recorded sessions. Our broadcasting tool is embedded into our virtual event platform, so you don’t have to switch between different tools. Attendees will be able to hear the speakers and see their video along with their slide deck as they are presenting. You can also use either the Chat or Q&A functionality to send us your questions, input, feedack or anything else on your mind. Each presentation slot includes a 5 min Q&A with the speaker where we address the questions from the audience.

Presentation slide decks will be made accessible for view on the virtual event platform latest shortly after the event (not for download). All session recordings are available for purchase after the event as well.


We suggest using a desktop or laptop computer and the Chrome internet Browser with a stable internet connection. For the best virtual event experience we suggest to have a webcam and microphone ready in order to participate in virtual meetings and interactive sessions.

No. Our video software is seamlessly integrated into our virtual event platform – just hit the „JOIN BROADCAST“ button and you are good to go.


We offer several partner packages tailored to your specific needs. Please find out more about our partner packages on our website or contact us at


The responsible processing of your data is of the highest priority for us – your data will not be passed on to unauthorized third parties. By submitting your registration, you agree that the we.CONECT Global Leaders GmbH and its affiliated event partner companies will store and use the data exclusively for the purpose of direct marketing and market research. You can find our complete data protection regulations under


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