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Welcome to ScaleUp 360° Smart Maintenance 4.0 Europe – the digital summit for cross-industry decision-makers and experts in maintenance, asset life-cycle management and reliability engineering from European manufacturers. Join us live and discuss real world concepts and end user case studies on how to minimize down-time, extend machine life time increasing product quality and reliability of manufacturing assets using smart technology, innovative methodologies and predictive analytics.

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Join us when senior level maintenance and reliability executives discuss with leading industry professionals the most pressing challenges and solutions, technologies, trends and best practice innovations in the field of maintenance, asset life-cycle management and reliability engineering in the manufacturing industries.

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ScaleUp 360° Smart Maintenance 4.0 Europe

From Showcase to Business Case – Which 4.0 & IoT technologies truly deliver a value added for maintenance and reliability?

Intelligent solutions for mobile plant management: Smart Devices, AR/VR glasses and digital twins.

Deriving decision-making information from data analysis for the concept of smart and predictive maintenance.

Interconnecting plants and assets through standardization and harmonization of KPIs, processes & standards.

Retro-fitting: Making existing inventory fit for IoT.

Measuring ROI & value generation of Maintenance and Reliability: Identifying indirect cost as leverage for smart maintenance initiatives.

Comparing classic and intelligent condition & vibration monitoring: System design and integration into the connected manufacturing environment.

Security and Plant Resilience: Derive and prioritize focused measures for protecting the manufacturing environment in case of cyber attacks.

Asset Life Cycle Management – From digitization initiatives to data-centric methodologies and open-platform innovation for enterprise asset management.

Maintenance Outsourcing vs. Insourcing – Defining future core competences in organizations‘ maintenance department.

Improving Maintenance Planning with Integrated Modeling and Scheduling.

Augmented & Virtual Reality for operator training and improved TPM activities.

Continuous improvement of shut-down management and optimizing production stops.

Initial site assessments, strategies and implementation of maintenance excellence and reliability programs.

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