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Software Asset Management specialists and strategists, experienced Software License Managers, IT Vendor Managers, IT Service Managers, IT Contract Managers and IT Procurement practitioners – wherever you are in the ecosystem of Software Asset & License Management, the unique English language SAMS event provides the perfect platform to showcase your solutions.

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From humble development that started in 2015, Xensam Software Asset Management software has been deliberately designed with the sole purpose of empowering SAM Managers & IT Leaders by providing greater access to useful SAM data. Our feature-rich SAM solution easily outperforms our rivals in multiple areas and we take pride in delivering value for our customers. It is our intent to ease SAM workloads by adding unprecedented out-of-the-box automation and cutting-edge features, whilst ensuring ease of use and industry-leading security – whether your software is On-premise, or in the Cloud. Next Generation Software Asset Management. For Software Asset Managers by Software Asset Managers.® is a SaaS platform that enables you to calculate and optimize your licensing position, on your own. Strength of our engines is to deliver reliable results, adapted to real customer situations (audits, true up, contract renegotiation strategy…), and daily used by large organizations to take the smartest moves and decisions on their licensing. Benefits : . Full web service – No installation required . Easy end-to-end customer journey, on your own . Guaranteed security on your data . Compliance results fully reliable and immediately enforceable against Microsoft . All SQL server licensing rules embedded and continuously updated in the compliance engine . Best-in-class algorithms aiming at minimizing as much as possible residual licenses shortages and maximizing unused licenses on shelf, 100% in customer interests . Support provided by real human-being Licensing experts . Designed by Elee, non-conflicted company, 100% on customer side . Best value for money in the SAM Tooling market

Foxit is a leading software provider of fast, affordable and secure PDF solutions. Businesses and consumers increase productivity by using Foxit’s cost effective products to securely work with PDF documents and forms. Foxit is the #1 pre-installed PDF software, shipped on one-third of all new Windows PCs, including those from HP®, Acer, and ASUS®. Foxit’s Software Development Kits (SDKs) help developers reduce costs and improve time to market by easily integrating industry leading PDF technology into application workflows. This technology shares the same underlying technology that powers Google’s open-source PDFium project. Winner of numerous awards, Foxit has over 650 million users and has sold to over 425,000 customers, ranging from SMBs to global enterprises, located in more than 200 countries. Since Foxit products are ISO 32000-1/PDF 1.7 standard compliant, they are compatible with your existing PDF documents and forms. Foxit’s Mission Enabling people to create, collaborate, share, and use documents on any device. Foxit’s Vision Foxit on every device.

BearingPoint is an independent consulting firm with European roots and global reach. We transform businesses We are committed consultants with adaptive intelligence. We know that the world changes constantly, so we offer real, tailored solutions for complex business environments. Our value proposition We help our clients realise their goals by applying our deep industry and functional expertise to understand and address their specific needs. Our consultants are passionate and highly engaged with a pragmatic yet innovative mindset.

Our distinction As Business Consultants, we help clients make transformation real by delivering measurable and sustainable results: • We listen, understand and adapt to our clients’ needs • We help our clients implement strategies through operational focus • We combine management and technology capabilities to achieve the full value potential • We are independent advisors • We work closely with our clients and help them to embrace change • With passion for excellence we serve clients globally

Belarc, located in Maynard, MA, allows users to simplify and automate the management of all of their desktops, servers and laptops throughout the world, using a single database and Intranet server. Belarc’s products automatically create an accurate and up-to-date central repository (CMDB), consisting of detailed software, hardware and security configurations.</ br>
Our products are used for software license management, configuration management, cyber security status, information assurance audits, IT asset management, and more.

Business Partners

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Using License Dashboard’s software asset management platform or services, you can expect to see immediate software cost savings on software licenses in the first year of up to 30%, with further savings year on year to follow. This is achieved by accurately discovering and reporting the entire virtual, cloud and desktop software estate on your network, highlighting duplicate applications, unused programs and shadow IT, as well as re-harvesting existing licenses rather than making unnecessary purchases.
License Dashboard combines SAM and licensing expertise with professionally-developed solutions designed to help both large and fast-growing organizations manage their IT expenditure, minimize costs, optimize utilization and minimize the risk of vendor fines by ensuring licensing compliance.

Belarc, located in Maynard, MA, allows users to simplify and automate the management of all of their desktops, servers and laptops throughout the world, using a single database and Intranet server. Belarc’s products automatically create an accurate and up-to-date central repository (CMDB), consisting of detailed software, hardware and security configurations.</ br>
Our products are used for software license management, configuration management, cyber security status, information assurance audits, IT asset management, and more.

Matrix42 ist führender Anbieter für Workplace Management Lösungen, die das nahtlose Management von physischen, virtuellen und mobilen Umgebungen ermöglichen. Es verbindet Client Lifecycle, Cloud, SaaS, Virtualisierung, Mobile Device Management und Service Management zu einer ganzheitlichen Lösung, mit der Anwender transparenten Zugang zu ihren Daten und Services haben – unabhängig von Ort, Zeit und Endgerät. Anwender können Services in einem zentralen Marktplatz auswählen und bestellen. Entsprechend der jeweiligen Unternehmensrichtlinien können ihnen dann nach Bedarf die benötigten Dienste bereitgestellt und auch verrechnet werden. Mit dieser Lösung sind einerseits die Anwender autonom, andererseits hat die IT-Abteilung nach wie vor die Kontrolle und die Möglichkeit der Automatisierung.

Die Aspera GmbH ist ein hochspezialisierter Lösungsanbieter für das Softwarelizenzmanagement. Seit 2000 wird unser einzigartiger, lizenz-konzentrischer Ansatz in internationalen Projekten erfolgreich realisiert. Mehr als 120 Unternehmen – darunter auch acht der Top Ten DAX-Konzerne – setzen bei der Auswahl der Lizenzmanagement-Lösung und begleitende Services auf die Aspera GmbH.


What is our Networking & Matchmaking Experience ?


We understand that the key reasons to attend a conference are to network, learn from our peers and make valuable business contacts. To facilitate this, we have created a range of bespoke packages managed through our dedicated concierge team, allowing you to maximize your time at your virtual event, meet the people you need to and create lasting value-adding business connections.

AI-powered Video One2Ones & Chats

Increase interactions with the most advanced B2B matchmaking platform and network with over 200 additional online attendees, schedule video One2Ones and explore project needs and investment timelines via our unique virtual conference platform!

Monetize visibility and generate new prospects

Generate new revenues by using our various networking contact retrieval and capture possibilities!

AI-based Matchmaking

With project needs, investment timeframes, budgets and much more data – match your live project requests, services, technologies and needs with prospects intending to invest and projects of decision makers!

Thought provoking # 1 – Virtual Livestream

Your session will be streamed live to an additional digital audience – get feedback and chat with prospects about your solution and services.

Thought provoking # 2 – Virtual Workshop

Be part of several simultaneously thematic conversation rounds with changing topics and team constellations.

Thought provoking # 3 – Virtual Panel Discussions

A moderated conversation where hand-picked industry experts discuss current and future issues from different perspectives.

Contact Nurturing and Demand Generation

Promote your business as a thought leader to an exclusive community of executives and budget holders and increase your visibility by promoting your offering to the right audience, by measuring who was really in your session.

Promotion, Marketing & Virtual Expo

Promote your business as a thought leader in the community and launch a new product or business solution at the virtual event. We boost your ROI by digitalizing your exhibition at our digital event platform hubs101 to get your product in front of the right buyers. Showcase your solutions and run product demos to drive demand amongst your target market. Benefit from our dedicated and extensive marketing campaign to assemble your community.

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Matchmaking Campaign in Detail


11 Month before event
Target audience segmentation, pre qualification of decision makers & matching with profiles of the already booked & potential partners.

Event Consulting

8 Month before event
Individual consulting for optimal onsite positioning of your investment.


6 Month before event
Qualification of up to 20000 decision makers and invitations to join us at the event.

Community Building

3 Month before event
hubs101 community building for your investment planning.

Business Matchmaking

6-4 Weeks before event
Matchmaking of project and investment decisions.

Agenda & Meeting Set-up

2 Weeks before event
Pre-booked meetings (package depending) with the most promising prospects.


At the event
Your tailor-made agenda, meeting and time plan for the best possible ROI.


1 Week after event
Post-event evaluation report of your investment. Extended Delegate list with extended contact details, matchmaking results, project needs, budgets of your prospects etc..


2 Month after event
Structured agenda planning for the coming year.


Attending companies

Over 250 of the most influential experts – the entire ecosystem at one platform, here is a snapshot of our already joined attendees.

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